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Project presentation

The development and the plan of the Businesspark

About the project


The business park comes to a surface of about 600.000 m2 and is splitted in two sections.

Overview of the whole businesspark

Section 1: 200.000 m2

The first section of construction is aimed at retail industry and covers a total area of 200.000 m2. The concept contains a shopping and leisure center with 20.000 m2, a do-it-yourself center, a furnishing house, an electronic market, a fastfood restaurant and a gasoline station. They will all be arranged around a big parking lot.

Overview over the first section of the businesspark

Section 2: 400.000 m2

The second section of construction, which is about 400.000 m2, is intended for technical trade and services. The priorities in this section are to set on car and motorbike dealers and motor vehicle supply items. As automobile industry is settled in Györ components supplying industry together with materials management will especially be settled there. Our location is excellently suited for establishing automobile components supplying industry because of the direct connection to the motorway. A rail connection can be built if it is required.

Overview over the second section of the businesspark